Monday, January 28, 2008

The naming of blogs is a practical matter

Ok, so this whole naming of my blog was a rather interesting say the least.  You see, I am the youngest child of four girls and when I say youngest I mean by ten really I have more or less 5 moms...(you maybe wondering where I get the number five since 3 plus 1 equals 4.  I have a step mother as well and if I leave anyone out someone will get upset, so I have to mention them all.  I am such a good person.)  So saying, I have a hard time making decisions since I have been told what to do by so many people since before I can remember.  So, I had this name all picked out and set up ready to wasn't the greatest, I'll admit but it was working.  Well, I was all excited and proud of myself for actually being able to blog again that I had to call my sister, some call it a compulsion...others co-dependant, and tell her and get her input.  And of course she didn't like the name.  We stayed on the phone for 45 minutes discussing the name of my blog.  Not a whole lot else going on in my world...or I just like to procratinate.  The reason that the conversation went on for so long was because my sister could not understand what I was trying to communicate...she couldn't process how to write down my original name...I think she got something like this yeah, that would be confusing, if it was right. are the names we went through...


you may wonder why one of those is not like the other...well, that was the very very first one...I know I know...cheesey christiany crap...i'm over it

Next on My crisis of self over same sister not liking the picture on my blog...


MMerge Ministries said...

Hey I like to "procratinate" too. Does that have anything to do with procreate?

myra said...

Procratinate? Did you mean procrapinate? Is that what your dogs have done to your carpet?

I'll take this askanne one, NO MATT has nothing to do with procreate....different PRO altogether! Stop procrastinating and get back to work!!

Anne there is spell check before you publish :)

I laughed outloud through this whole post, you have got to be one of the funniest people I know! And you have COME A LONG WTIH WITH TAKING CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!!

I love you like a blog loves posts!!!

MMerge Ministries said...

edit of my last comment,
2nd paragragh...I was referring to answering Matt's ask anne question, saying that I would answer this one. No Matt, procreate has nothing to do with procratinate...different beast entirely.

4th paragragh, though they are not really paragraphs because I paragraph is made up of 4 or more sentences, but you know what I mean. Correction....out loud. And you have come a long way with....

Man it takes way tooooooooo long to be perfected, I'm giving up!-myra