Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Being the pack leader

So for those of you who don't know, not that there is anyone who reads this that doesn't, I have three rather large dogs.  So being the pack leader is easier said than done.  But I try.  So yesterday, seeing as how I was having such a great day, I took them for a walk.  All of them, at the same time, by myself.  BIG adventure.  I have done this before and it usually ends up with me yelling and in a foul mood.  Not to mention the time in Birmingham when I was literally drug across the ground at 20 miles per hour.  But, I have found a way to stop this from happening.  You see, I used to walk with them all out in front of me, with them pulling my arm out of socket.  But now I walk holding them all behind me.  This takes some talent to keep them from stepping on the backs of my feet and in line.  But anyway, the real story is the game we play with all the animals in the neighborhood.  The game is, who can make my dogs the craziest.  Most days there is the same assortment of dogs and cats that are always around...but seems the hounds of hell were on the loose.  There were stray dogs taunting us, every dog in every yard rushed their fence and screamed profanities in our direction, and the cats, well, they took their lives in their hands.  Whats amazing to me about all this, besides the fact that my dogs did fairly well (they got a little excited over the stupid cat that walked right up to us), was the people I encountered on the walk.  There are those who look at me and think I am crazy...there are those who think I am irresponsible for having such large and so many dogs (all though I don't see them out walking their pets EVER)...and there are those that no matter what I am doing at the moment they want to stop and talk.  I can deal with the judgement, I can deal with the looks, but when I am in the middle of getting under control over 300 lbs of dog DONT stop and try to have a conversation.  I WILL IGNORE YOU.  I am not being rude but that amount of dog-power takes all my focus and concentration.  I have no time to tell you how old they are, how much they eat, if I have a big yard, and no I have never put a saddle on them and will not ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just don't think that people realize that training dogs is a constant thing...I am always working with can't just live with a dog and not be training it for something...just like children, they are a work in progress.  

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myra said...

this sounds similar to a day in my life with 5 kids. I guess your getting adequately prepared.