Sunday, January 27, 2008


After much coercion, here I am.  On Blogspot.  As of the past year or two I have had a strong aversion to blogging.  I used to enjoy it, but I think that I have stopped wanting to process my life...the thought process that precedes that statement is- if I don't blog I don't process, if I don't process I don't have to deal with things.  You see, I am a very extroverted introvert.  Ha ha.  Oxymoron, I know...but thats me.  I don't like to share what I am dealing with at the time, I like to go over and over it in my head, creating mass anxiety and depression and when I get over it, then I like to tell the world of the conclusion that I have come to.  So thats where I am.  What sparked this??  Well, after two weeks in the desert I have come home dehydrated and exhausted...I haven't slept well since being home (falling asleep at 4 to get up at 7) and last night was the last straw, I fell asleep at a reasonable hour (12:00) only to be woken by one of my dogs butt exploding onto the floor in my bedroom and seeing how he weighs 140 lbs, that was a BIG problem.  So here I sit, tired, frustrated, so glad to be back with my own church family, and blogging.  

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