Monday, March 31, 2008

Ok, seriously??

I am currently watching nightline which is covering a story of people who are getting cryogenicly frozen. Really?? Are they kidding? Is this an April Fool's joke?? Do people really think that this can happen? Basically what happens is that the people die and then their blood is replaced with this stuff that protects the tissue and then they are placed head first into liquid nitrogen. Then they are loaded up 4 to a cylinder and stored until who knows when. Don't people realize that when you die, you are dead? This whole god-complex really vexes me. This is simply the largest, most expensive, pointless scam of all time. These people are all like the emperor and his new clothes.

Crosspoint's Bringing Sexy back

Yes, you heard me right. Crosspoint church is bringing sexy back...well not really, but we are currently in the middle of a series entitled Sexual Revolution. "Do ya want a revolution, whoop whoop??" I know I do. I am SOO tied of our over sexualized culture. Its everywhere you look. Its even peddled to our kids (i.e. Bratz, Barbie, any of the disney princesses). So many times I am shocked when driving down the road, there are even billboards for Air Conditioning companies that have a sexed up woman rubbing ice on herself. GROSS. But really, its not me that I am so concerned about, but for the youth that I work with and even the grown men that I know, including my husband. How are they supposed to keep their mind clean and focused on the Father when every two seconds they are bombarded with boobs in their face. No wonder they say that the average male thinks about sex every 10 seconds...they can't help it, its everywhere. But you know what is really upsetting, I can talk about this till I am blue in the face, but a woman is NOT going to be able to solve this problem. We can shout womens lib, and how we are humans not a piece of meat all we society we are just white noise. This sex epidemic will not be put to rest until the men in our culture decide to get up and take a stand for purity and holiness. Thats where it starts. We women are only looking for approval and we get it anyway we can. Now, I am not trying to take the blame off women, cause lets just face it ladies, we can be pretty sinful ourselves, but what I am saying is that our first sin was not being sexy...thats inherently how God made us and He made men to be attracted to us...we can't help that. Our first sin was taking control, and man's was being passive. So men, stop being passive and stand up for your sisters, cause really thats what we are, your sisters. Start thinking of women like that and it will really change your mindset. That is unless you are into that sorta thing, and then you are just sick.

Also, you can get Crosspoint's message audio here:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad poetry goes a long way

I found this old poem that I think I wrote in highschool...

Not that I think thats its good or anything, but its just interesting to get a snapshot of where you were a few years ago.  Even if that snapshot is a bad poem.

As I stare into the sunrise, I let go of the dreams that I once held of my moon. I realize that the day is drawing near and the night that once hid me was vanishing into the glory of the sun.  The darkness that surrounded me was no more oppressive and think but more like the smell of a lilac bush in full bloom.  The stars began to go to bed and twinkled their last goodbye.  I told them one last secret and my pain that was like a thick butter on the sunset was now being blown away with the dew of the early morning.  The soft smell of daffodils wafted into my brain as the early morning rays laughed and played across my bare skin.  The same rays that were so soft and gentle against my skin, were at the same time strong enough to burn away the cloud that fueled my anger and disappointment, and then there were the rosey colors of a new born morning.  I could feel the sweet breeze of of hope flick across my brow and flirt with my eyelashes as the possibilities of all that lay ahead came to life with the crowing of the rooster.  I lay in the same field that used to conjure the dreams of the moon but not the field was lush and green and fresh and bright.  There was no where to hide and nothing to hide from.  There was no getting lost and no reason to be found.  The morning sun was gentle and complete.  It took away the dark folds and replaced them with meadows and places to explore.  With the coming of the sun, I also saw the coming of my childhood.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blame it on the brain

The date was friday the 14th of March and it was around the middle of the day.  I decided that I needed to get an envelope from the very top shelf and so I climbed on a chair.  As I was turning around to get down, I felt the chair begin to pitch forward.  I leaned back to counter balance and thats when I realized I was going down.  At first I thought that I had just tipped it a bit, but after it was all said and done I found that the leg of the chair had given way (heavy blow to the self confidence).  The back of the chair met my forehead and the legs met my left ear.  Once on the ground I laid there until I knew I wasn't going to cry.  When I got up there was a second forehead growing above my brow bone at an alarming rate.  And I was nauseous the rest of the day and I STILL have a headache two days later along with my lovely lady lump.  The lump is decreasing, but only because it is migrating down my face and making my nose and eye puffy.  Its quiet enjoyable really...yeah right.  Anyway, ever since then I have not been quite right...I have been testy, sleepy, slightly confused, and in a little bit of pain.  Yeah, never went to the doctor, but I am not in a coma (obviously) so I think I am out of the woods...or so I am telling myself.  It would be just my luck that I end up with some delayed brain hematoma or however you spell it that drastically changes my quality of life.  Anyway, so if I don't post, or if I do and it doesn't really make sense, at least you will know why.  Oh yeah, and if I have or do piss you off/hurt your feelings/insert something bad here, I apologize.  It's the concussion, not me.  Blame it on the brain, yeah, yeah.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Constantly Amazed

Thats right, I am constantly amazed by God.  Constantly.  Over the last few days as most of you know, I have been rather frustrated and downtrodden.  But this weekend God showed up in a big way.  This past weekend was Student Life Tour in Hattiesburg, Ms.  I, along with two other chaperones, took 10 students ranging in ages from 12-17.  Crazy big age range, I know.  Prior to the trip I was having a fairly stressful week.  I had a looming meeting with my volunteer staff that I was dreading, and I was racing toward a weekend with teenagers that can only go two ways... awesome, or terrible.  Needless to say I was in a lot of prayer.  A LOT of prayer.  So friday rolled around and we were set to leave at 4:30 pm, but as things normally go, we didn't leave until about 5:20.  So we were going to be late.  But in God's amazing providence they didn't start on time so we were able to get registered and find good seats all before it started.  And what we experienced over the next two days was most definitely engineered by God Himself.  The high school students loved on the middle school students and people who never have before payed attention.  But the best part of it all was sunday night.  We decided, instead of doing a regular sunday night, to take the students to Krispy Kreme just because we love them.  Of course it was a hit, but what was so amazing was the time that we had when we went back to the church.  When we got back, we gathered in the circle of couches and talked about what everyone brought back from Student Life.  The responses that some of the kids gave blew me away.  So often you think that they aren't listening, and many times they aren't, but this time a few of them really got it.  And whats really cool is that they are normally the kids who don't get it.  God you are so awesome.  You totally blow me away when I most need it!

Oh yeah, and that meeting I was dreading...God showed up there too.  We were all in such agreement.  We were coming up with the same ideas and I believe that through prayer that we have become a team.  God is good.

The Greatness of Anne

The greatness of Anne is that I am not great at all, but it is Christ within me who is.  I am made great by His death on the cross for me.  I am great because I am everything but.  I am just a simple, fallible, human who in every aspect is NOT great.  I am humbled by the fact that even through my human-ness God desires a relationship with me, and He desires to use me to do His work.  He has chosen ME.  Just like Peter, He has called me from the water side saying, " Little Girl..."  He called me to sit and then He took me back to where I failed him and re-broke my heart, only so that He could heal it in full.  It is because of Jesus' love for me that I am made great in His sight.  And although I am not great by any worldly standard, and there are those who say I am a nothing, I know that I am precious and valued by the CREATOR of the universe.  And that's pretty darn great.