Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hot Now

Today must be confession Wednesday, cause I am full of them.  I also have a HOT NOW compulsion.  Some of you who either live elsewhere than the south or in a hole may not know what that is.  Hot Now is the sign that flashes on the front of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts when they are just out of the cooker.  It is actually more like a homing beacon.  If I pass and the light is flashing it takes everything I have to keep the car on my intended path.  In fact I have even pulled into Wal-mart and parked, seen the beacon, pulled out and went to get some donuts.  It is one of me and my husband's favorite treats.  So much so we have had them for dinner.  I have decided that the door of the Krispy Kreme store is a magical portal that transports you to a little slice of heaven.  I have stood for what seems like hours in front of the donut machine watching the donuts fall from the press to the oil to running through the glaze of awesomeness to being picked up by the little stick o' glory.  It is a mesmerizing process.  One of my favorite memories is a rainy night when my husband and myself were drawn by the light into the warmth of the The Kreme.  We pulled into the parking lot, jumped out, ran through the puddle laden maze to the door.  We entered wet, laughing, and full of anticipation of our sugary feast.  I ordered coffee and he chocolate milk and we sat and ate and talked for quite some time.  It was a simple time, and impromptu, but it was one of my favorite dates ever.


myra said...

Don't do it! Just say No! Wait til Sean gets back and recreate the moment in celebration :)

Sean Evans said...

i just read all of your blogs at once, so i am just gonna leave all of my comments for this blog. You are an amazing woman. Hilarious, Great Personality, Beautiful, Scary Intelligent, Good hearted, Loving,...break...sorry, we just had an incoming mortar stupid...anyway, You are the love of my life. I don't think i understand the whole processing thing yet though. There is plenty of time for me to figure it out though. I love you.