Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Greatness of Anne

The greatness of Anne is that I am not great at all, but it is Christ within me who is.  I am made great by His death on the cross for me.  I am great because I am everything but.  I am just a simple, fallible, human who in every aspect is NOT great.  I am humbled by the fact that even through my human-ness God desires a relationship with me, and He desires to use me to do His work.  He has chosen ME.  Just like Peter, He has called me from the water side saying, " Little Girl..."  He called me to sit and then He took me back to where I failed him and re-broke my heart, only so that He could heal it in full.  It is because of Jesus' love for me that I am made great in His sight.  And although I am not great by any worldly standard, and there are those who say I am a nothing, I know that I am precious and valued by the CREATOR of the universe.  And that's pretty darn great.

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