Thursday, February 28, 2008

Financial FREEDOM!!

It is one of the greatest feelings to be out of debt.  We no longer owe money to the MAN!!  I am so thankful for my great Uncle Sam who has enabled us to become free.  Not just by acknowledging our unalienable rights, but by also blessing us with extra income when we sacrifice for the good of our country and others.  I know, I know, there are a lot of dissenters out there...but can I just say one thing.  There are so many good things happening over THERE, that we NEVER hear about in the news.  And the troops that are there are there because they want to be.  They believe in what we are doing because they see, and talk to the people who we are helping.  They see the difference that they are making and it feels GOOD!  So don't feel sorry for them, don't hate the government because our boys are over there.  They are there because they want to be.  They are there because they love our country and have a desire to help others feel the same way about their own.  I am proud to be a Navy wife.  I am proud that my husband is making a difference all the way across the world.  I am sure of the decisions that our country's leaders have made.  And yes, I am proud to be an American!

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Nate said...

The original wording in the Declaration was "inalienable" actually. Unalienable might be the correct word though, there is some argument about whether Jefferson was right or John Adams, who preferred unalienable, was. Not that anyone anywhere should care one way or the other. Congratulations on getting out of debt by the way. The man sucks.