Monday, March 31, 2008

Ok, seriously??

I am currently watching nightline which is covering a story of people who are getting cryogenicly frozen. Really?? Are they kidding? Is this an April Fool's joke?? Do people really think that this can happen? Basically what happens is that the people die and then their blood is replaced with this stuff that protects the tissue and then they are placed head first into liquid nitrogen. Then they are loaded up 4 to a cylinder and stored until who knows when. Don't people realize that when you die, you are dead? This whole god-complex really vexes me. This is simply the largest, most expensive, pointless scam of all time. These people are all like the emperor and his new clothes.

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myra said...

Yea, that's pretty crazy! LOL, "people are all like the emperor and his new clothes", and I love the label! Thanks for sharing, I never get to watch or read the news so I'm so out of the loop in what's happening out there in the "real world". Love you!!