Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesdays letters

So I just finished a book called wednesdays letters.  It was a fantastic book about a family and their journey of learning forgiveness and grace.  The letters were written from the patriarch of the family to his wife.  They started on the day that they got married and continued faithfully every week for 35 years of marriage.  They both died on the same night and minutes before the husband died, he composed one last letter.  Upon their deaths the three children return home and find the letters and begin to relive the love and marriage of their parents.  Although the story was very touching, what it made me realize is how much I love my sisters.  In the story the wife had a a sister who came in to help with all the arrangements and to spend time celebrating the life of her sister and brother in law.  What struck me is that I have always known that my parents will die, and one day my husband will too.  I have thought about that, and am at peace with it.  But I guess that I have subconsciously  believed that my sisters will ALWAYS be with me.  I can't imagine life without them.  They have been my family for all these years, even when our parents haven't.  They have been who I have turned to.  They have shaped me and molded me into who I am today and I am forever thankful that God placed me in their care.  We are still sisters don't get me wrong, we still get on each other's nerves...and feed each other dog food and other terrible acts of adolescence.  But above and beyond it all, we love each other.

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myra said... i've got to read the book! you are so right that we have some pretty deep connections and bonds, I think b/c of what we went through and our love to perservere what we could as a family. I love you!