Monday, June 30, 2008

Fresh new day...same old AC

So I wake up today feeling much more rested and refreshed.  Sleeping on a soft flat surface is so much more desirable than being crunched in a van seat.  Not to mention there are no screaming teenagers, and no bumps to send my neck aching.  So I am rejoicing.  Even though there are mountains of laundry in my kitchen, our air conditioning has finally kicked the bucket (which is terrible news if you live in south MS), and I have three giant heads staring at me from the side of the bed.  I am rejoicing because I serve a great God.  I serve a God that can bind people together even though they are miles and miles and miles apart.  I serve a God who can mend the broken and stir the hearts of men.  I experienced some wonderful things during my time with the Tohono O'odham people this past week.  I am amazed that even though they go without or have so little they still praise God for their blessings.  Many of us would look at what they have and what they have been through and not be able to see how God has blessed them.  To me, they are a constant reminder that we should thank God for the little things and only rely on Him.  Thats hard for me to do in my culture of huge TV's and big bank accounts that go with even bigger debts.  It is so much easier to rely on the things that the world says I need.  Maybe I should just go live with the T.O. or maybe even the persecuted Chinese.   I would really be able to see God then. 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read that your day and outlook is sunny, despite the AC problems. I truly didn't mean to offend in my response to your last entry. I wrote my gut reaction that I would have said to my own sister and I never intended for it to come across as course or hurtful. I do enjoy reading your blog and look forward to many more entries over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Cat got your tongue?