Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dear anonymous

Your comment struck a chord with me.  But not a chord that made me feel all warm and happy on the inside.  Now granted, I have just gotten home from a 24 hr van ride from Az, so I am not in the greatest of moods but come on.  Suck it up??  A little rude don't you think?  I understand that with being in the military you have to expect to move and to do so often.  I wasn't saying I was against it.  I wasn't saying that God can not work in many different places.  But do you think that just because I am part of a military family that it automatically makes leaving friends and family easy?  I was merely commenting on the fact that my heart wasn't fully at peace with either choice.  So I do not believe it is your place to tell me to suck it up.  A more appropriate comment might have been..."wow, you really have  a lot going on.  It will all turn out for the best."  Now, that would have struck a chord that made me feel all warm inside.


Anonymous said...

Just my reaction/opinion of your blogpost -- and more of a pull yourself up by your bootstraps kind of everyday comment. But your post on the issue makes me want to add "and grow up".

Anonymous said...

From a different Anonymous:

People read blogs for honesty and emotional content vs. the sterile writings of the Wall Street Journal or JAMA. I for one enjoy reading such a non-PC reply and your blog on whatever topic. Frankly, the replies often make the blogs more interesting to read.

I think both writer and responder should keep up the open communication and not dumb it down with appropriate, politically correct niceties.