Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Too much too much too much its been quite awhile hasn't it. I doubt anyone is still reading this. I am not even sure what I was talking about in the last post. But I know that a lot has happened. Things have been very busy since my wonderful husband has been home. It seems like this week is the first break we have had since his arrival. Lets see, we made a trip to Tn to visit family and also to pick up a bunch of furniture from my sister. She and her family are moving to London as missionaries and had to get rid of EVERYTHING they own. So we basically got a new house full of furniture. I am so thankful for Matt and Myra's generosity. You two have no idea what a blessing that was, even though it was painful for ya'll.

Anyway, after that we had Camp Create at our church. The only way I can describe it is that is a Vacation Bible School on 12 types of steroids. This years title was Meet the Weirdys and the theme was "there's a hero in everyone." So my role for the week was Paddler. I was a superhero who's powers included pin-point ping pong accuracy and flight.  I even have my own trading card...pretty crazy to be famous!  

So now that Camp Create is done Sean and I are preparing to head to Arizona for a week.  That should be an amazing time of seeing God work in peoples lives and how He is at work on the T.O. reservation.

But the real reason that pushed me to post today was the fact that so much is changing.  My sister is moving to London, and I don't think that I have processed that.  I read her blog today and cried through pretty much all of it.  Seeing as how I lived with them for 5 years.  Along with the fact that Sean and I are going to be (unless the Lord intervenes) relocating in December.  I am not ready for this.  I am not ready to leave this church, I am not ready to leave the friends that I have made here, and I am not ready to leave the security that I have here.  This is the first place that has truly been my home in many many years.  This is a place where I really do belong.  Its not that I don't want to go live in a really cool place like Hawaii or San Diego, its just that I have made a place here, a place where people love me and don't want me to leave.  But the fact is that either we move somewhere else or we stay here and Sean deploys again to Iraq.  I don't fully like either choice.  Not to mention the fact that I don't handle change well at all.

I remember the first time that my family moved from one house to another.  I ran from room to room crying because I was leaving the only home I had ever known.  Granted, we only moved to another neighborhood in the same area, but it was still traumatic.  Not to mention the fact that after that move my family fell apart.  So yeah, I don't handle change well.  And we are up for a LOT of big changes.


RiLes said...

There's at least one blog reader still here :) Good to hear what's been going on and how we can be praying for you all! If you get a spare minute, you should let us know when you're in AZ. I'm sure you have a packed week, but if you need a getaway, we're here :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but "suck it up". (You and) your husband signed up for a career with the military and that means moving. Along with the risk of having a loved one in the military, you also benefit from perks and lifetime benefits that non-military families don't get from private industry careers. Embrace it and learn to live with it. You can do it.