Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Its been two

So, its been two years since I have written something. I am not totally sure why I stopped, butI think it might be because I was in such a state of upheaval. Well, I am settled now...for the most part. My husband and I have relocated to the DC area (which is where I was born by the way), we both have new jobs, and guess what, there are new pets. I know, that last one is a big surprise. So I am not going to really try and fill everyone in on all the new developments, that's way too much ground to cover, but I think that it should be easy enough to catch on once you start reading, and more importantly I start writing again on a regular basis. Lets just start with this...there is a movement afoot. A love movement, and I am pretty excited about it. You can see it everywhere if you are looking. I am going to post a couple of things here in just a second (they may seem repetitive, but I don't want to lose the information plus I was crying as I wrote some of it so to me its may not be to you but whatever) that are my gut reaction...lets just call it brain vomit. Ok, and away we go.

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