Friday, September 3, 2010

Balance, Baby, Balance

Stained carpet, vinyl seats in 70s colors, poles that have been touched by who knows what. Can anyone guess where I am? No, it's not a strip are gross!! It's the metro, and I am on it. After an eventful morning, and a little bit of Jersey Shore (yes, I watch that crap...and I pray for them), I am off to meet my husband for a day date. We are going to try some restaurants he has been talking about for awhile, since seeing them while commuting to work. I don't know who is more excited him or me...which leads me to wonder how many times has he asked me on a date and I mercilessly squashed his attempts. Not that I did it purposely mind you, but often I am so consumed with myself and what I need to get done that I view him wanting to "just hang out" as lazy or unproductive. Wow, there was a lot of "I" in that last sentence. But the reality is that it is productive. It keeps us connected, it keeps us happy.  That's why we got married isn't it? Because we liked hanging out together. So where does that bring me? I guess it brings me back to balance. I can't just stay home all the time and just hang out cause that leads to us not having anything to talk about, but the flip side to that is I can't just do do do do do do do and do all the time. So although it feels funny, I have actually started a little system...I have started writing down things that I want to talk to him about so that when we are "just hanging out" we have plenty to talk about. That and so we don't have to fight about "yes, I did tell you about that." You might be seeing a common thread here for the next bit as I try to wrap my head around balance. 

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