Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Holy crap.

Holy crapola. Before I opened this blog my thought was, "it hasn't been that long." B-S! It's been over four years! I mean seriously...I wasn't even pregnant and now I have two kids. We were just buying a new house and now we've moved three times. I've been a little busy. Nope. A lot busy. 

I won't bore you with the details. Today is a new day and all that mess, so here goes...

My mom is leaving today. She has been here with us in South Fl for over two weeks and in only a matter of hours she will be gone. I answered a question yesterday about my favorite baby/kid product. My honest answer is my mom. She has been a lifesaver. She's done laundry, played with kids, changed diapers, laughed, and made the chaos of parenting just that much easier. What oh what am I going to do??

On the upside: I can now watch unapproved TV in the living room again 😂

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